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Electronic Industry

12 years experience to manufacture assembly production line, test equipment, vision inspection, MES enterprise management and lean improvement for the global electronic giant, involving mobile phones, tablets, SMT, etc. As a high-end electronics assembly company, JINYA NEW TECHNOLOGY has extensive experience and industry visibility, involving electronic assembly, vision inspection, electronic test, SMT assembly, injection molding, etc. in electronic industry.


Can build or reform a whole set of system from hardware to software for customers, the goal is to create an intelligent, automatic, pokayoke, traceability, high efficient and high cost-effective system, the system introduced by the following aspects .

Application Technology:

1.Achieve comprehensive pokayoke;        2.Achieve comprehensive information traceability;

3.Achieve comprehensive intelligent management system control;      4.Ensure high product qualityol;

5.Ensure high production tact;       6.Achieve the lowest production cost.